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Our next Auditions will be for our
 Fourth Production for 2018


by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Bruce Cochrane

Jean is innocently sitting in a café when a man's cell phone rings and keeps on ringing.  The man doesn't answer because, as the title suggests, he's dead.  She keeps his phone in order to keep him alive in a strange yet significant way and ends up stuck in the middle of all his troubles, meeting his widow, his mother, his brother and his mistress.  At Gordon's funeral, she creates confabulations about his last moments which brings closure and peace to Gordon's family.  The play takes its most bizarre turn when Jean discovers that he was in no way the saint she had imagined.

Sunday 1st July from 2.30 pm and Monday 2nd July from 7.30 pm

Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern


In this contemporary, quirky and at times surrealistic play, the characters are unpredictable and given to changes of personality traits.  It’s not necessary to concentrate on any passage from the script for audition but on a facility to demonstrate spontaneity.



 JEAN: 30s to 40.  Begins as being timid, but as her curiosity develops she reveals her initiative.  On stage for all but a small section of the play with two large monologues.  Described by others as being ‘small.’

GORDON: 30s to 40.  Seems respectable at first but is ruthless and self-important.  Has a very large monologue.

Mrs GOTTLEIB: 50s to 60s.  Gordon’s mother.  Loud, forthright and outspoken with flashes of anger.

HERMIA: 30s to 40.  Gordon’s widow.  Down to earth, slightly abrasive.

DWIGHT: 30s to 40.  Gordon’s younger brother.  More sensitive and considerate with a romantic inclination.

OTHER WOMAN/STRANGER: 40-ish.  Double roles, both enigmatic characters.  The Other Woman is charming and sophisticated, and The Stranger has an Eastern European accent and an ominous air.


Inquiries to Bruce Cochrane:  0423 347 960 or at

Performance Dates:
24th August to 8th September 2018,
13 performances including two matinees