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Our next Auditions will be for our first two Productions for 2019



by Emma Wood


Directed by Susan Rundle

Newly published original period comedy by NSW playwright Emma Wood, based on two much-loved characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – Mr and Mrs Bennet.  Set twenty-five years before the novel, how did this ill-matched couple meet and decide to marry?  James Bennet, the twenty-five-year-old son of Robert Bennet, is the next in line to inherit the attractive estate of Longbourne.  With the shadow of the entail to the Collins family looming large, Robert mounts pressure on the young Mr Bennet to find a suitable match - but his unwillingness to play by the rules sets in motion a series of events that are both comic and at times moving.

What the critics think: ‘… sophisticated and stylish ...’  Michelle Gosper, Sydney Arts Guide

‘... a play that charms the heart … a cleverly layered comedy ...’  Michael Byrne, Independent Reviewer
‘… a delight ...’  Ken Longworth, Newcastle Herald

‘… a delightful play with a good plot, clever dialogue and strong characterization.’ Pamela Whalan, Jane Austen Society of Australia Newsletter

This will be its Melbourne premier.


 Sunday 11th November from 7.00 pm and Monday 12th November from 7.00 pm

Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Contact the Director on or phone 0416 298 136 to book an Audition



 Robert Bennet – Between 55 and 60.  The master of Longbourne, a comfortable estate entailed to the male line.  Widowed early in life, he never really recovered.  Robert is engaged in frequent battles of will with his son James, who has no interest in the estate.

 James Bennet – 28 years old.  Robert’s son.  Mischievous, dismissive and highly intelligent,  he uses sharp wit frequently, not merely to entertain, but to keep people at a distance.

Mary Ellingworth – Robert’s younger sister.  A decent woman, wise and fair-minded, caring and considerate, but also burdened by having been widowed early in life.

Benedict Collins – Robert’s cousin.  An infrequent visitor to Longbourne with a financial interest in the estate, having given birth recently to a son.  Abrasive, over-familiar, self-important, greedy.

Mrs Graves – 50–70.  The house keeper.  Long standing service to family has earned her familiarity and respect.  Clever, good-humoured, has a way with words.

 George Gardiner – 45–50.  Attorney at law.  Married to pretty but rather silly wife, father of an outspoken daughter – frustrated by both of them.  Highly intelligent, knows how to operate socially, ambitious for further status.

Sarah Gardiner – 40–45.  George’s wife.  Attractive, likable but somewhat silly and superficial woman.  Spoils her daughter, Emily, easily excited by money, young men, status, fashion etc.

Emily Gardiner – 17 years old.  George’s daughter.  A girlish beauty, with an irrepressible spirit coupled with a lack of modesty that make Emily very conspicuous in company.  She is flirtatious and superficial in her judgments, seeking excitement and wealth over other qualities.

Mrs Bowman – In her 40s.  A pleasant natured woman, excitable in company, eager to make a good match for her daughter, Clara.

Miss Clara Bowman – around 20.  A serious and sensitive young woman, Clara is not particularly pretty but has a great deal of intelligence and dignity.


Season Dates: 15th February to 3rd March 2019  (13 performances including three matinees).



by Craig Warner

Directed by Horrie Leek

Charles Bruno and Guy Haines, complete strangers, meet in the dining car of a train. Because they're strangers, Bruno remarks that "they can say anything they like" to one another. So much so that he proposes the perfect murder. He will kill Guy's unfaithful wife, and in return, Guy will kill Bruno's much hated father. When they part, Guy never imagines that he will ever see Bruno again or that Bruno was serious. But, he was. Deadly serious.

Sunday 25th November at 1.00 pm and Monday 26th November at 7.30 pm

Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern


Auditions are by appointment only with the director. 
Email or 0412 474 255



Charles Bruno: Demanding role. Bordering on the psychotic. Wealthy and spoiled. Many mood swings. A dangerous and unpredictable character.

Guy Haines: Demanding role. A nice, average man who gradually disintegrates into an emotional wreck.

Elsie Bruno: Charles' mother. A faded Texan beauty. Devoted to her son. Not quite of the real world

Anne Faulkner: Engaged to Guy. Strong and practical. A demanding role

Frank Myers: Architect and friend of Guy. Sensible and down to earth.

Robert Treacher: Friend of Guy from college. Similar age. Small but important role.

Arthur Gerard: A private detective. Large role. A bit crumpled. Determined and self confident.

All roles require American accents. The ages will be determined at the auditions. Guy, Bruno, Anne and Robert should appear to be of similar age. Frank and Arthur might be older.


 Season: 26th April to 11th May 2019  (13 performances including three matinees).