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Educating Rita

by Willy Russell

Directed by Nicholas Opolski


There must be more to life than this!  For 26-year-old Rita, cutting hair all day is just not 'cutting it' anymore!  And while a good night in the pub is enough for her friends and her husband, it's not nearly enough for Rita.  The answer, she decides, is to get an education, so she enrols in an Open University course to see if the giants of English Literature can guide her to a better way of life.  But her tutor Frank has spent his life immersed in the classroom, and would now much prefer to be in the pub himself.  As the classes progress, and their friendship deepens, what they learn from each other will surprise them both. 
Willy Russell's tender comedy about education, love, and the joy of self-discovery, has charmed audiences for years, and is sure to work its magic again at Malvern.

23rd April to 8th May 2021

Wednesday to Saturday at 8:00 pm
please note the new evening starting time

Matinees: Saturday 24th April at 2:00 pm, Sunday 2nd May at 2:00 pm
and Saturday 8th May at 2:00 pm.

Tickets: $25.00 (No Concessions).     Groups (10 or more): $23.00 per person.


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Please note that Malvern is only selling tickets for one show at a time in 2021, given the continuing uncertainties with respect to COVID-19 restrictions.



We are looking forward to seeing many of you back in the theatre.  We highly recommend, for your own safety that you purchase tickets online, in advance.  Our new ticketing system will enforce COVID-Safe seating, i.e. with one seat between each seating ‘bubble’ – you will be reminded only to book tickets seated directly next to others with whom you feel very ‘COVID safe’.

We will not be dealing in cash sales at the theatre.  Payment for tickets at the Ticket Box will only be via credit card – we apologise for any inconvenience.  If you already have ‘Reserve-Pay Later’ tickets for the show, you will receive an automated email requesting that you confirm your booking by paying for the tickets online.  You do not have to contact our Ticket Secretary.

Please be aware of the following procedures which are mandated under our COVID-Safe plan, to keep you, our cast, crew and volunteer workers safe in the theatre:

Conditions of Entry

You must not attend the theatre if you have any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19; please email in advance to inform us that you will not be attending, if you have any symptoms.  Malvern will work with you to facilitate an exchange of performance date, credit note or for the value to be carried forward as a credited Gift Voucher for redemption to a future performance, if practical.

Malvern reserves the right to refuse entry to a patron who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

You must practise social distancing throughout the building, wash and/or sanitise your hands thoroughly, and cough or sneeze into your elbow.  There will be signage to remind you of these, and other COVID-Safe practices.

At the time of writing you will be required to wear a mask whilst indoors, including for the duration of the performance.


Procedure for Entering and Exiting the Theatre

Please arrive no earlier than 45 minutes before the commencement of the performance you are attending. Entry to the building will be via the foyer. We ask those seated in the middle of rows to arrive no later than 30 minutes before commencement of the performance, so that you can take your seats before audience members with tickets at the ends of rows (no later than 15 minutes before commencement).

When you arrive, you should sanitise your hands, show your ticket as usual, and also ‘sign in’. You must provide your first name and a phone number at this point, even if you have already provided these details when booking tickets. The options for signing in are either hard-copy ‘pen and paper’ (we suggest you bring your own pen), or via the Service Victoria App that is being commonly used in many venues – you will need to take a photo of our QR Code, and follow the prompts.

For details of the app, go to

We recommend that you download the app before coming to the theatre. Conditions around how data is kept by Service Victoria are detailed on their website. As with this app, Malvern will destroy the check-in details you have provided in hard-copy after 28 days, if there’s no outbreak of COVID-19 at the venue.

Once your ticket has been checked and you have signed in, proceed directly into the theatre. Please follow the directions of our Front-of-House staff who will reinforce social distancing.

Late-comers will not be admitted. Please note the commencement time of your performance carefully. All doors will already be open, so that you do not have to touch them.

All common contact points throughout the venue will have been thoroughly cleaned to a very high hygiene level, as required under our COVID-Safe plan.

The toilets will be available as usual, but please note the restrictions on the number of people in each space at the one time.

After the performance you will leave via the sliding foyer door, which is contactless. Please observe social distancing requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the opportunity to ‘mingle’ after the live performance.

Keeping COVID Safe in the Theatre

In line with the Victorian Government ‘2 square metre’ regulation, we are only selling every second row in the theatre, and there will be one seat between each seating ‘bubble’.

All common contact points in the theatre will have been thoroughly cleaned to a very high hygiene level, as required under our COVID-Safe plan.

The performance will last approximately 95 minutes. There will be no interval.

There will be no catering from the bar, but you will be offered a bottle of water to take into the theatre.

Heating/cooling will be running throughout the performance to ensure a constant flow of air.  In particular, if you sometimes find the air-conditioning uncomfortably cool, we suggest you bring a jacket.

We hope you enjoy the show, and feel safe to do so!